Important Information

  • Education

    Once graduating from the University of Greenwich I began to work in the industry. I have spent many Friday and Saturday evenings sharpening my skills to become a proficient Web Developer.

  • Experience

    I have several years of experience working in different environments such as digital agencies and within in-house teams. The roles have varied from designing or developing websites to managing teams or clients.

  • Passion

    Since the first day I used a website, I always wanted to learn more about them and how to create one. I am constantly researching. My thirst for more has lead to me setting up a YouTube channel to share my knowledge.

Other Information

  • Sports

    Away from my computer desk, I love to play sports and going to the gym. I try to play football and cricket once a week. I represented Dartford's cricket team on numerous occasions.

  • Travel

    The world is amazing place. It is not meant to only be seen through our computer and t.v screens. I love to expand my horizons and explore new countries. I always bring back something unique from each place I visit.

  • Games

    My first introduction to gaming was Megaman on the NES. I have enjoyed gaming ever since. Whenever I want to be transported into a fantasy world I turn on my PS4 or open up Steam

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